Wednesday, June 12

Tan Sri Anand Krishnan – One of Malaysia’s most successful businessmen


Forbes ranks Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan, a Malaysian tycoon who made his fortune on his own, as the country’s fourth richest man with a net worth of US$5.8 billion.

Ananda, often known as AK, is an exceptional business leader who rose to prominence as the head of Usaha Tegas, a conglomerate with holdings in telecommunications, media, and oil services. Television network Astro, satellite service provider MEASAT, and internet service provider Maxis are just some of his well-known holdings.

Ananda is a regular contributor to educational, artistic, athletic, and charitable endeavours due to his philanthropic nature. The notoriously private AK is an avid backer of educational opportunities for all. Usaha Tegas and its affiliates are well-known for contributing generously to the philanthropic organisation YCF in order to fund scholarships for deserving students.

Ananda is a scholar in his own right; he holds a Bachelor of Arts with high distinction in political science. He attended Harvard Business School and graduated with a master’s degree in business administration.

In 2020 when the Forbes 50 richest people list hit a decline as the coronavirus epidemic had hit the country hard, and it had taken a toll on its business magnates. Due to a weaker ringgit and a roughly 10% decrease in the country’s benchmark stock index, the wealth of the 50 richest Malaysians on the 2020 Forbes Malaysia Rich List declined for the second year in a row. 

However, with the successes, innovations, and sustainability of Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan’s businesses and leadership position across industries he stood in third place, whose net worth of $5.9 billion is down $300 million from the previous year in 2019. Today in 2022, according to Forbes predictions Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan is in fifth place holding $5 billion.

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