Wednesday, June 12

Tesla Light Show Breaks World Record: A Dazzling Night in Espoo

A Record-Breaking Spectacle: Tesla Light Show Shines Bright in Espoo
In a captivating showcase of light and technology, Espoo’s Vermo race track witnessed history on a chilly November evening. 687 Teslas, ranging from Model 3s to Model Xs, synchronized in a mesmerising dance of lights and music, setting a new world record for the largest Tesla light show.

Masterminding the Spectacle: Tesla Club Finland &
The brainchild of Tesla Club Finland and Simon Pollock from, this extraordinary event delivered an unforgettable experience. The mesmerising light display, choreographed to the beats of iconic tracks, transformed the assembly of cars into a dynamic canvas of art.

Capturing the Spectacle: Flyby Guys’ Aerial Magic
To immortalise this remarkable display, Finnish drone services company Flyby Guys stepped in. CEO Stephen Sutton highlighted the challenges and excitement of capturing this one-of-a-kind event, employing five drones to capture seven hours of breathtaking footage showcasing the show’s grandeur.

Celebrating Innovation & Community Spirit
Beyond a mere display, this event epitomised community and innovation. With support from local businesses and major sponsors like Michelin and Tesla Finland, the event fostered a unique bond within the Tesla community, uniting technology and creativity.

Setting a New Benchmark: A Glimpse into the Future
This achievement sets a new precedent in Tesla Light Shows, showcasing the creative zeal within the community. Pollock’s website offers enthusiasts the chance to download the light show files, extending an invitation to join this artistic expression of technology.

Experience the Brilliance: Witness the Full Spectacle on YouTube
Immerse yourself in the fusion of technology and art that transformed an ordinary Espoo night into a spectacle of synchronized brilliance. Watch the full video on YouTube and be captivated by the extraordinary display of light and innovation.

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