Saturday, June 15

Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot stuns with improved agility

Tesla Inc posted a video showing improvements it’s made to its humanoid robot prototype, capping off the clip with two of the machines dancing to electronic music beneath flashing lights.

Dubbed the Optimus bot, the human-mimicking machine is part of Tesla’s venture into developing artificial intelligence and utilises a trained neural network to perform basic tasks.

In the latest demonstration, Tesla says it’s reduced the weight of Optimus by 10kg and shows the bot delicately picking up and handling an egg, with what it describes as “tactile sensing on all fingers.”

In September, Optimus was shown in a separate video sorting building blocks by colour.

Optimus remains a concept in development and will have to shake off the underwhelming debut it made a year ago, when Tesla staff had to move one of the prototypes into position.

The latest video also shows the bot walking through a Tesla facility, with Cybertrucks parked nearby, and performing squats in a gym.

The goal for the bipedal autonomous humanoid is to replace humans in the performance of unsafe or boring tasks, Tesla says on its website. – Bloomberg

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