Sunday, May 26

Tourism Ministry Plans Batik Special Collection to Boost Malaysia-China Tourism Ties

In a bid to enhance bilateral tourism relations, the Tourism, Arts, and Culture Ministry unveiled plans for a Batik Special Collection Series. Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, the Minister, announced this initiative, aiming to fortify tourism ties between Malaysia and China.

The minister expressed his anticipation for the fashion series to serve as a pivotal step in fostering closer bonds between the tourism industries of both nations.

Highlighting its strategic role, he stated, “This series will primarily target China’s tourism market, amplifying our efforts to entice more Chinese tourists in the upcoming year.”

Moreover, in a reciprocal gesture, Malaysia plans to facilitate China in promoting its distinct collection series within the country. This reciprocal promotion seeks to encourage more Malaysians to explore the tourism offerings in China.

The announcement took place during the Malaysia Batik Day 2023 celebration event, where Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing engaged in a comprehensive walkabout, visiting nearly 100 vendor booths.

The event served as a platform to underline the significance of batik in Malaysia’s cultural heritage while unveiling plans to leverage this rich tradition to advance tourism interests between Malaysia and China.

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