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TusStar Asia-Pacific Director Ravenna Chen Named Among Forbes China’s 100 Most Influential

Ms. Ravenna Chen Yaohui, the Director of TusStar Asia-Pacific

The “2023 Forbes China 100 Most Influential Chinese Selection” awards ceremony was held on October 27th in Shanghai.

Among the distinguished honourees, Ms. Ravenna Chen Yaohui, who serves as the Director of TusStar Asia-Pacific, was honoured in the ‘Growth Potential’ category.

This category is designated to commend exceptional individuals, and it necessitates that the companies represented by the honorees possess a valuation surpassing 100 million RMB or demonstrate a revenue generation exceeding 50 million RMB.

She has expressed her commitment to further empowering technology companies and fostering a robust science and innovation ecosystem.

Her objective is to facilitate the exchange and cooperation of scientific and innovative expertise between China and overseas, with a steadfast dedication to placing development at the forefront of these endeavors.

In 2023, the “2023 Forbes China 100 Most Influential Chinese Selection” marks its third anniversary, capturing the changing global economy through the stories of a hundred distinguished Chinese figures over these years.

Among the 60 illustrious honorees in the ‘Growth Potential’ category, Ravenna Chen emerges as a beacon of distinction, holding the distinction of being the youngest Chief Executive Officer in the Asia-Pacific region for TusStar, achieving this milestone prior to reaching the age of 30. She currently resides in Malaysia and possesses a master’s degree in business management.

Ravenna Chen has consistently represented both China and Malaysia as a distinguished youth delegate at numerous international forums, including the United Nations, the European Union, and the ASEAN.

She has assumed key roles as a keynote speaker, a discerning judge, and more.

Her active involvement in the ASEAN technology and innovation investment community has led to the incubation of nearly one hundred science and technology projects.

She is instrumental in facilitating resource connections and investment and financing opportunities within this vibrant and dynamic sphere.

Among the distinguished individuals recognised in this selection are Isabel Ge Mahe, who serves as the Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China at Apple; Cindy Tai, the Global Vice President of Amazon and Vice President of Amazon Global Selling-Asia; and Yu Dawei, a Ph.D. candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Yu Dawei made history by becoming Amazon’s first-ever scientist in the Asia-Pacific region before reaching the age of 30.

TusStar Asia-Pacific was established in 2018 and has since solidified its significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Its extensive incubation network extends across nations including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia.

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