Saturday, June 15



As the world bids farewell to a horrendous year and bringing fresh hope into 2021, here are some things we should expect stepping into the new year.

  1. Covid-19 vaccines are distributed en masse: As the world is preparing to receive worldwide vaccines from pharma-giants Pfizer and Moderna, people can look forward to returning to normalcy by mid-2021.
  2. Morgan Stanley projects strong global GDP growth of 6.4% for 2021: The global economy has proven resilient even as the Covid-19 cases continue to spike worldwide, especially in US and Europe. Morgan Stanley has predicted a strong post-recovery growth in 2021, despite encountering a steep decline in early 2020.
  3. Bracing ourselves for the inevitable climate catastrophe: 2020 was a year of extreme weather around the world. Wildfires ravaging areas in Australia, California, Brazil and Siberia; super cyclone tears through parts of India and Bangladesh, leaving massive trails of destructions and floods. Droughts have destroyed agricultural output and helped to push millions into hunger. Scientists have predicted that more extremes are on the way.

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