Wednesday, June 12

Which is Better for Retailers? Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website

Many people spend two times more on their phones than on their desktop computers and 87% of that time is spent on apps, yet we regularly run into retailers who think a mobile website presence will suffice. However, there’s always pros and cons for the use of both mobile apps and mobile website.


Internet Access

Both retail mobile website and mobile apps rely on the internet connection, but somehow with lower internet connection user still can browse their mobile apps while mobile website needs a stronger connection to browse. This is because they include function, such as virtual shopping and program loyalty related features, which require virtual databases access. However, features like creating a shopping list without a data connection can definitely be used. Mobile apps data usage is less than the usage of a mobile website. This means a better user experience for anyone with a weak or spotty connection.


Bigger Customer Base

While the activity in-app continues to increase, most shoppers still prefer a mobile website. By simplifying the path of purchase, retailers will reach a larger customer base which is not necessarily interested in loyalty programs or consistent purchases from any one brand.


Installation and Updates

To access the mobile website platform, users don’t have to install anything. Customers can just shop and visit the website. And while many retailers use this visit to encourage customers to set up their mobile app, only a portion of them will hit the ‘ install ‘ button. Other than that, Mobile websites involve fewer updates, making maintenance more affordable and less time-consuming. Apps, on the other side, have to be updated so that after operating system updates they continue to work correctly. Apps need a larger level of commitment from customers, requiring them to download and use up storage on phones that are already packed with emails, social media, games and music apps, not to mention thousands of photos using up precious space.



In fact, mobile website and mobile apps are equally important and there are both advantages and disadvantages. Apart from that, a mobile website attracts more organic traffic and is used mainly for price and available studies. Apps are much better for scaled e-commerce.

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