Saturday, July 13

while 5g is still in infancy level, 6g is already making its name


We barely have any chance to enjoy the full perks of what 5G has to offer, but major tech companies have already prepared to develop 6G technology.

Although the exact science behind 6G networking as not been established yet, and we might still need to wait for a few more years before its rollout, but several technologies that will shape the 6G infrastructure is already being developed.

So, what can 6G deliver? According to a report by, 6G operates at a higher rate as compared to 5G, but it will require incredibly complex antenna hardware that has not been invented yet.

Besides that, 6G networking is said to be able to send and receive in the same frequency at the same time. Currently, 5G devices can only transmit or receive frequency one at a time, albeit one can split channels to communicate multiple streams.

There are also possibilities that 6G will bring practical mesh networking to the forefront. In the meantime, 5G devices communicate through signals between each phone and base stations or towers. Mesh networking would allow each 6G device to be a booster for the overall data network, allowing coverage to extend beyond tower range through the network of 6G devices.

Now, while the talk about 6G is certainly something exciting, however, as it is still not available yet, we’ll just have to see what it can actually bring to make everyday lives easier.

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