Tuesday, May 28

X Set to Launch Username Marketplace: Handles Valued at Up to $50,000!

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is reportedly gearing up to launch a username marketplace, where users can purchase their desired handles for up to $50,000. Internal emails obtained by Forbes indicate that X staff have already reached out to potential buyers as part of their efforts to establish this marketplace.

The current internal policy of the platform dictates that inactive account handles cannot be released. An account is considered inactive if no one has logged into it within the last 30 days.

While an official public announcement has not yet been made, this move aligns with a promise made by Elon Musk, the platform’s owner, to rid it of inactive accounts and dormant handles. Additionally, it could help address the financial challenges faced by the platform, which has seen a significant drop in its valuation since Musk’s acquisition.

X users have expressed mixed reactions to the news. Some view the marketplace as a positive initiative, while others criticise it as an attempt to monetise the user base further.

The specific handles that will be available for purchase and sale on the marketplace, if it goes live, remain unclear. This development also raises questions about the fate of high-profile inactive accounts, such as @NPR, which left the platform after being labeled “government-funded media.”

Under Musk’s ownership, X has implemented changes in its verification processes, content moderation policies, and introduced new features like community notes. Musk has hinted at other features, including transforming X into a centralised financial services app and even a dating site, but these have yet to materialise.

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